Saveo Scan

Saveo Scan combines the advantages of an industrial scanner with the advantages of consumer mobile phones and tablets. You can keep the scanning device for many years and upgrade the mobile device as often as you like. And you can manage the mobile device like all your other mobile devices.

Saveo Scan enables you to convert your smartphone or tablet into a high-performance industrial handheld barcode scanner suitable for use in multiple areas and applications. It works with almost any smartphone or tablet and can be easily connected via bluetooth or USB OTG interface. Depending on your needs you can choose in different scan engines like (2D, 1D CCD, 1D Laser). Saveo Scan also comes in a range of different mounting options. The adjustable smartphone holder is a quick and easy way to secure your smartphone to the scanner and can even accommodate your phone with the case still on.

Key Features

  • Available with 2D, 1D CCD or 1D Laser engines
  • Charges scanner and phone simultaneously
  • Universal mounting mechanism
  • Easily switch between USB OTG and bluetooth connection
  • Scan 20000 times on a single charge

Software & Apps

  • Available also from EPO Consulting. See our solution pages.

Pricing information

  • Prices for the 1D scanning device start at EUR 398
  • Prices for the 2D scanning device start at EUR 498
  • We offer scanning device / mobile phone or tablet and case bundles