smahrt-ELM Connector

Use the EPO XML Connector to send ELM wage reports in Switzerland from SAP HCM:

ELM is the standard for wage reports in Switzerland and stands for "Einheitliches Lohnmeldeverfahren". The organisation provides this standards and defines secure web services for transmission.

What role does the EPO XML Connector play in ELM wage reports in Switzerland?

In 2010 EPO Consulting closed a partnership agreement with smahrt Consulting AG from Switzerland. Through this partnership EPO Consulting developed the smahrt-ELM Connector, which sends ELM messages directly from SAP HCM to Smahrt Consulting AG takes care of sales and HR consultancy in Switzerland.

More information can be obtained directly at smahrt Consulting AG.

Technical feature: Web Service with Web Service Security (WSS) according to OASIS standard and digital signature

The web services from require web services security (WSS) according to the OASIS standard. EPO Consulting has managed to implement this security standard directly in SAP ABAP.  The OASIS WSS is now an integral part of the EPO XML Connector and can be used for various applications.