EPO VAT Number Check: VAT number checks with added value in SAP

Check all VAT numbers from your SAP master data records from all 28 EU countries directly in SAP

Price starting from EUR 2,900

It is your duty to have the VAT numbers right!
With our ABAP add-in solution this task will not only be done almost completely automatically, but it will also lead to better master data quality and less duplicate data in your SAP system.

Typical process steps in SAP

  1. Daily VAT checks of new and changed VAT numbers online or in batch
  2. Quarterly VAT check of all active partners in batch
  3. Printing or sending out a list with wrong VAT numbers (because VAT numbers can get invalid for several reasons)
  4. Early checking of VAT numbers in the process of vendor and customer master data creation and avoidance of creating duplicate data
  5. Reglular maintenance of addresses using the data from the VAT checks

What our customers say about the EPO VAT Number Check solution:

  • The VAT number check from EPO Consulting with the over-complete functions and features is a must-have for this price.
  • This clever engineered solution can be used from day one of installation. It does not need a project to get it running.