EPO Connector

EPO Connector introduces an enhanced SOA layer for SAP solutions in ABAP.

SAP integration with the click on a button.

* XML Web Services with WSDL and XSD

* JSON Web Services

* Monitoring inclusive


The most efficient way for SAP integration.

We make SAP integration decisively easier and cut costs.
For all available technologies - real Web Services to file interfaces!

Simplified integration architecture
Direct XML integration with SAP
Visible XML communication layer

Cost advantage:
No middleware server/software required
Faster implementation of integrations
Lower maintenance costs for all SAP integration
Lowering TCO of SAP NetWeaver

Intelligent solution:
Use of your existing SAP system
100% use of ABAP (no Java required)
Central data input and output enable simple monitoring

Options for process improvements
By using the EPO Connector there is a clear separation between the SAP backend system and the related system / portal, etc. This unbundling is a crucial advantage of this SOA solution.