EPO Connector for interfaces from and to SAP R/3 and S/4 Hana

Stable SAP integration as simple as a click on a button. Monitoring included.

SAP® certified since 2005

All interfaces built with the EPO Connector ABAP add-in will stay unchanged during SAP release changes, changes to Hana DB and even for upgrades from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4.

All existing interfaces to and from SAP® solutions can also be upgraded to EPO Connector interfaces. Save time and money with rock solid SAP® integrations.

Convert JSON into ABAP data and vice versa

  • Convert easily any deep ABAP data structure into a JSON string
  • Convert easily any JSON string into XML and assign it to ABAP variables

SAP ABAP function module /EPO1/EXC_ABAP_TO_JSON does all the work for you producing JSON in ABAPFM EPO1 EXC ABAP TO JSON

SAP ABAP function module /EPO1/EXC_JSON_TO_XML converts any JSON string into XML. The resulting XML can be assigned to ABAP variables with the XSLT transformation /EPO1/JSON_XML_TO_ASXML


 Get more info and use those ABAP functions ▶

SAP Inbound calls for Mobile Apps, native Apps and other Web Applications

  • As JSON REST Web Service: There are 3 different optimized JSON formats available for each SAP function!
  • As XML Web Services with WSDL and XSD (optional)

SAP Outbound calls to Web Servers, Cloud solutions and Big Data stores

  • As JSON REST Web Services: An EPO Connector function generates JSON out of any complex SAP ABAP structure.
  • As XML Web Services: The EPO Connector uses stanard XSLT transformation for generating XML out of any complex SAP ABAP structure.
  • The EPO Client proxy sends out the message data in any protocol: From file over E-Mails to HTTPS


  • Simplified integration architecture
  • Direct JSON and XML integration with SAP
  • Visible JSON and XML communication layer

Cost advantage

  • No middleware server/software required
  • Faster implementation of integrations
  • Lower maintenance costs for all SAP integration
  • Lowering TCO of SAP NetWeaver and SAP on Hana

Superior solution

  • Use of your existing SAP system
  • 100% use of ABAP (no Java required)
  • Central data input and output enable simple monitoring

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