Inventory app for SAP MM & WM

The EPO Consulting Inventory App is the perfect solution for you if you want to carry out your warehouse inventory stocktaking with mobile devices and synchronise the inventory data directly with SAP MM or SAP WM at the same time.

Integration for every SAP system

Parallel counting by several people

Fast data recording incl. barcode scanner

Customisable to your needs

The features of our inventory app explained

The mobile warehouse inventory app is used for stocktaking and inventory of materials, which are listed on previously created inventory documents. The inventory documents are created within the SAP GUI using the “ZINV” transaction. Once the count has been completed, the finished physical inventory document can be transferred to the SAP system and used again at any time for any recounts that may be required. The inventory stocktaking is finalised with the list of differences in the SAP GUI.

The inventory app has extensive functions, such as

  • Inventory document - number of the inventory document

    to select an inventory document with a specific number. The last 10 inventory document numbers used are saved and displayed as a preselection.

  • Key date - creation date of the inventory document

    for selecting inventory documents with a specific creation date

  • Storage location - storage location of the inventory document

    for selecting an inventory document with a specific storage location

  • Plant - Plant of the inventory document (mandatory field)

    to select an inventory document with a specific plant. If a plant is assigned to the logged-in user, this field is filled in automatically

  • Material - material number

    for selecting an inventory document with a specific material

  • Material group - Material class

    for selecting an inventory document with a specific material class

Stocktaking with the EPO Consulting inventory app

The actual counting process for stocktaking is significantly simplified thanks to our mobile stocktaking app:

  • Start counting


    The required inventory document is loaded with the material it contains and the count is started immediately.

  • Create inventory record

    The required inventory document is loaded and saved locally on the mobile device. This can then be used for counting both online and offline at a later date.


    Create inventory record

  • The count


    The actual counting takes place on the mobile device and the booking is only carried out if there are no differences. Data recording for the count is made particularly easy by a barcode scanner function.

    Parallel counting: Our stocktaking app has a special function that ensures that several people can count on the same stocktaking document at the same time. This saves a lot of time and budget and makes stocktaking even more efficient.

  • Hit display count (counts not yet recorded)

    All hits for which no count has yet been entered are displayed in the count area.


    Hit display count (counts not yet recorded)

  • Hit display recount (counts already recorded for recounting)


    All hits are displayed in the recount area. The table also has a “Status” column, which displays the current number of counts for the respective physical inventory document.

Carrying out the stocktaking via app has many advantages

Inventur App auf Smartphone
  1. Paperless and environmentally friendly
    As the entire stocktaking process is carried out using the stocktaking app, no more slips of paper need to be printed out for any of the steps. This not only saves resources in terms of paper, printer colours and therefore costs, but also protects the environment in the long term!
  2. Increased efficiency
    The direct transfer of data from the app to SAP significantly reduces time and effort, as there is no need to enter the data twice (first on paper for counting and then transferring it to the system). With the inventory app, data only has to be entered once and the transfer is completely automatic!
  3. Avoid Errors
    Thanks to direct synchronisation of the data with the SAP system, errors during data transfer can be avoided.

SAP integration with the help of the EPO Connector

Thanks to the EPO Connector developed by us, we can offer the best and fastest SAP integration for any SAP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA system at the touch of a button. Our software component is a stand-alone software in ABAP that can be installed immediately in any SAP system. Therefore, it is only necessary to install the component and you can start configuring immediately. In addition to cost benefits and faster integration, the EPO Connector offers many other advantages for your company. Read more about the features of our EPO Connector add-on for SAP, or take a look at the explanation of the infrastructure in the next graphic.

SAP Integration with EPO Connector

Customisation of our inventory app to suit your needs

The standard apps from EPO Consulting form the basis for all customer apps. However, thanks to our flexible way of working, these can be customised to the needs of your company, the branch structure and also the warehouse system. EPO Consulting relies on a flexible and agile approach in the development project with Gitlab as a tool for software development and tickets for requirements. This enables us to present an initial version of the customised app to our client companies within 1-2 days (lead time).

The customisation of the inventory app is simple and cost-effective, as our EPO Connector APIs automatically recognise changes. Fields or functions are inserted in the SAP function module and the app development has been standardised with vue.js from EPO Consulting, which leads to an increase in efficiency. Of course, all of our apps are also implemented directly with responsive layouts, so that no adaptations are necessary for different end devices and the apps work on all display sizes as standard – and even offline!

Our satisfied customers speak for us

The EPO Connector has been in use at the ÖAMTC for around 10 years and is particularly impressive due to its stability and low maintenance requirements

The EPO Connector is the ideal solution for us to set up web service interfaces with our SAP system in the US quickly, cost-effectively and securely. Since the installation, operations have been running smoothly and to our complete satisfaction.

We appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of Mr Kroiss. The “e-invoice” solution to the federal government from EPO Consulting was the perfect choice for us. The support is impeccable, fast and uncomplicated. The team proves that it understands the customer’s wishes.

Do you need more information?

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