e-Invoice in SAP (electronic invoice)

The e-invoice is an electronic invoice that is treated like a paper invoice in accounting. It is mandatory in many countries worldwide for all goods and services transactions with government authorities. The use of structured e-invoice formats is also steadily increasing in the private sector. Therefore, this form of invoice creation and data transmission is particularly important and therefore a must for users of SAP systems in process automation.

We offer a simple solution for your SAP system and for all your users. Our EPO e-invoice software is integrated into your existing SAP system using a print programme. This automatically generates an e-invoice in the XML or PDF format requested by the customer and displays it in the SAP GUI. With a simple push of a button, this e-invoice can be securely sent to the recipient in a fraction of a second. This saves time and costs.

You can use our solution for all your customers worldwide and send them the desired e-invoice format directly via email, web service or PEPPOL. This way, the whole thing is rounded off and enables you to better monitor and control your incoming and outgoing payments.

We also offer e-invoice solutions for countries such as Germany (XRechnung), Italy (FatturaPA) and Austria (ebInterface) that have been developed down to the last detail. The basic XML format is always UBL XML, which is converted into the respective target format.

Feature Overview

  • Simple e-Invoicing

    Generate e-invoices directly in SAP and convert them into any format

  • Viewing e-invoices simply

    Convert electronic invoices to PDF in the SAP GUI and view them

  • Account book

    Overview of all your electronic invoices in the invoice book

  • Dispatch at the touch of a button

    Send e-invoices simply at the touch of a button

Advantages at a glance

  • Short project duration with minimal risk
  • Seamless integration into SAP accounting
  • All legal requirements are met
  • High process cost savings for all company sizes
  • Extendable for other invoice formats and for incoming invoices
  • Completion with the process software “Process Companion BPM” (BPMN 2.0) possible

e-Invoice Components

Our solution is divided into individual components, which are also available separately. The entire solution is installed directly on your existing SAP system and is ready for immediate use.

  • ABAP DDIC data structures, which correspond to the UBL XML format
  • Mapping of SD invoices to the ABAP structures
  • Mapping of FI revenue postings to the ABAP structures
  • Customer-specific adaptations via re-definition of class methods
  • Creation of the XML format UBL from ABAP UBL structure
  • Conversion of the UBL XML into the target XML format (if not UBL XML)
  • Functions for checking the target XML format
  • Many auxiliary functions in ABAP for creating and sending
  • ALV list with extensive selection criteria and drill-down options
  • Use for outgoing invoices
  • Display of invoices as XML and PDF
  • Upload attachments to invoices
  • Sending invoices via different channels
  • Status management and dispatch status control
  • Detailed customising settings
  • Dispatch by e-mail (via SAP SOST)
  • Dispatch via web services
  • Dispatch by PEPPOL
  • Other dispatch methods as required
  • Implemented with the SAP certified EPO Connector including monitoring

Do you need more information?

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