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JSON REST API in SAP is a software architecture that allows two software systems to communicate with each other. Nowadays, almost every software product has an interface to the outside world to offer its data or functionality outside the actual system. This includes some big names, such as salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics 365, so it is even more important to implement such an architecture in your own SAP system.

With the help of our EPO Connector this task is done quickly. You can easily integrate any IT system and cloud applications with your SAP system to take advantage of JSON REST API’s. There is no need for middleware, which increases the complexity of each interface and incurs significant costs for licenses, maintenance, operations, support and additional IT staff. In addition, a JSON REST API can be made available for all SAP function modules, for example for the purpose of connecting an online store in B2B.

Easy Implementation


Integrating an IT system or cloud application into an existing SAP system is a piece of cake using JSON REST API and our EPO Connector. There are only very few steps necessary to solve this task.

  • Customize EPO Connector Service with final URL

    The EPO Connector versions from 2020 on offer special functions for the dynamic construction of the REST URI

  • Create Request JOSN with EPO Connector function

    There are several functions available for JSON creation in ABAP

  • Include API call in SAP

    Encapsulating the call in a method and inserting it at the desired location

  • Login and Token

    For all different authentication methods the EPO Connector provides auxiliary functions

  • Process response in SAP

    Accept and process the HTTP status code or JSON response in SAP.

SAP function modules using the JSON REST API

EPO Connector: function modules in SAP = JSON REST API’s

SAP function modules can be offered as JSON REST APIs without any programming. A special detail is that if you extend the function module interface, the JSON REST API is automatically extended.

  • Customize EPO Connector Service with SAP Function Module

    By entering a SAP BAPI or a Z-function module in the EPO Connector Customizing, the API is created.

  • Create JSON REST API documentation

    With the help of EPO Transmitter, a Windows freeware program, or using Postman, Insomnia or SoapUI, the JSON REST API can be created.

  • Authentication and URL via SAP standard functions

    The URL and login procedure are provided by the SAP server native. There are no restrictions.

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