EPO IDOC Monitor for SAP

The EPO IDoc Monitor is used for the end-to-end view of electronic documents in the SAP GUI. It is based on innovative IT technologies and thus enables full access to the data transmission. With the IDoc Monitor in the SAP GUI, users can display and monitor all electronic documents (IDocs), such as EDI data exchange, with maximum clarity. Thereby, the technical knowledge for monitoring IDoc interfaces is not necessary. Every SAP user can operate our innovative IDoc Monitor in a simple and uncomplicated way.

By using modern technologies, such as SAP Fiori and UI5, it is also possible to use our IDOC Monitor conveniently from mobile devices (such as tablets or mobile phones). This allows you to intervene more quickly and accurately when needed. In addition to the convenient use, our IDoc Monitor in the SAP GUI also has an innovative authorisation system that only allows users with the appropriate roles to access documents.

Feature Overview

  • Clear selection according to document types and organisational units
  • Authorisation check according to organisational units (company code, plant, etc.)
  • Display of the technical IDOCs as easily readable HTML documents
  • Direct processing of IDOCs analogous to transaction BD87
  • Also for in-house ALE IDOCs
  • EPO IDoc Monitor can also be combined with Ecosio.com EDI
  • Optional e-mail notification function for dispatch and arrival of documents
  • User-exit for individual adjustments

Unbeatable price

The EPO IDoc Monitor for SAP R/3 or SAP S/4 is available with all functions including set-up and installation for as little as EUR 5,000. Tomorrow you can already use the IDOC Monitor for your e-mail-free electronic data exchange, regardless of your SAP release. Contact us now.

Try EPO IDoc Monitor in SAP GUI

This app is called directly from the list in the SAP GUI. It displays any SAP Idocs and even allows editing – if SAP authorisation has been granted. Click on the sandwich menu to select other SAP Idocs.

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