Mobile Apps for SAP on smartphones, tables and notebooks

With our mobile apps, you can get all your data out of any SAP system and display it in a simplified and clear way on all mobile devices. You know the situation: you are on the road and want to check orders, track invoices or want to do plant maintenance. However, you have no way of using your notebook and therefore cannot access the SAP system. This costs you and your company time and resources.

To save yourself this effort and be productive wherever you are, we offer you our mobile apps. You can easily and conveniently use our applications from your mobile phone, tablet or notebook and do your work. This includes many functionalities, just like in your usual SAP system, but adapted to the mobile device. Take the chance right now and make your company mobile.

What we offer


    Let your sales staff make an impression. Deliver the best customer service live and on-site. Capture data on the move. Or simply use travel time wisely. With our mobile apps, all data from your SAP ERP is available to you anywhere and at any time. Make something out of it!


    Our mobile apps are developed in such a way that the user does not need to have any knowledge of SAP. Based on the EPO search, your employees enter data or selection criteria in “clear view”.


    With our mobile apps, there are no more remote areas or dead spots. Because our mobile apps also work offline. Use the time for things that might otherwise always have to wait, such as checks and approvals.


    On your notebook, tablet or smartphone: you always have the same, familiar working environment with you. This is absolutely unique and saves you the time you would otherwise spend reorienting yourself.

Benefits of the mobile apps

  • Use of the best mobile framework vue.js
  • All apps are automatically responsive (optimised for all display sizes) thanks to the use of either Quasar or Vuetify
  • Application of the SAP Fiori design and integration into the SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Simple JSON REST API for SAP data access via the in-house EPO Connector
  • Storage of large amounts of data for offline work is possible
  • Installation on an SAP system or a web server of your choice
  • Authorisation management same as for SAP GUI transactions
  • Integrated auto-complete search (EPO search)
  • Access to all data, not only SAP data, with the Open7 Gateway
  • Tested with all standard web browsers and their updates
  • Easy integration into on-premise and cloud IT infrastructures

App development with modern tools simply produces beautiful and sustainable results

  • Development with the best HTML5 framework vue.js

    Everything about the vue.js framework fits. From the large worldwide community to the free MIT licence.

  • Data directly from SAP via the standardised EPO Connector JSON REST API

    Standardised response data for all APIs analogous to OData

  • Auto-complete search for SAP data via EPO search

    EPO Search provides standard SAP search tools via a JSON REST API. Searching and finding has never been faster and more convenient. By the way: EPO Search can also be easily integrated into SAP UI5 aka Fiori Apps.

  • The perfect marriage with SAP Fiori and the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

    Two partners that complement each other. EPO Mobile Apps integrate with the Fiori Launchpad and listen to SAP authorisation commands.

  • Open7 PHP Data Platform as real web server based on Apache (optional)

    An Apache web server with all possibilities for on-premise to cloud packed in a Docker container with update service.

  • Open7 Gateway for access to all data also from the cloud (optional)

    HTML5 apps are only allowed to access the server where they are installed. The intelligent Open7 gateway forwards the requests of the HTML5 apps synchronously to the desired target server and thus brings back positive messages securely.

HTML5 development for web apps, native apps and desktop apps!

  • HTML5 app development is now equivalent to native application development (Java, C, C#.NET) and can be produced for all end devices both as a web app and as a native app.
  • Applied tools: vue.js, Quasar framework, Webpack, Atom editor, Gitlab versioning, Cordova and Electron.
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